JA Corrigan was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. She wrote many a meandering tale as a child. They were mostly dark stories, even then.


At eighteen, keen to leave her hometown and head for the dazzling lights of London, and following her love of words and history she signed up for a BA (Hons) Humanities degree, majoring in English Literature and History.

Never really knowing what she wanted to do with her new degree, she worked as a waitress in Baker Street, which was possibly one of the most fun and lucrative jobs she has yet to have. She went on to teach English in Greece as well as working on a boat, managing a local Greek restaurant and coordinating airport transfers for the tourists!

She loitered around in Spain for a while too.

Back to university

Eventually, guided by an interest in medicine, she decided to go back to university, completing a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy. This job always had finite lifespan, but with marriage, a family, and a mortgage, changing careers is difficult.

But the burning desire to write became stronger and she knew that if she didn’t have a go at writing soon, she never would.

Purposefully, she visited her local WH Smiths and bought the 2010 Artists’ and Writers’ Yearbook, a snazzy notebook and some pencils. Starting off writing short stories and magazine articles, she was lucky and early on saw her work published.


Writing festivals

 JA Corrigan and her first Writing Festival: read about it here

She attended writing festivals, making a point of meeting other writers, and finally she wrote a novel: a dark and epic thriller, which is set partly in her favourite historical era – the 1930s, and her favourite country – Spain.

This is the novel on which she cut her teeth, and although it didn’t find a publisher it is sitting in her drawer waiting for another outing one day.

In 2013, she decided to write in a genre of which she was reading more and more: psychological thrillers.

Falling Suns

That manuscript became Falling Suns – a contemporary, dark, and bleak tale exploring grief and family relationships as well as institutional corruption.

JA Corrigan lives in Berkshire with her husband and daughter, and a very cute dog called Harley. She enjoys running, good food and wine, but not necessarily in that order.

She is currently working on her third novel – another dark tale.