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I was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and longer ago than I’d want. I now live in Berkshire with a husband, a daughter, and a very cute dog, although I often yearn – especially in winter – to be living in Spain, near to the Alhambra Palace. Perhaps one day…


It was my state primary school teacher, Mr Judson, who first encouraged my love of reading and writing. It’s amazing how one teacher can have such a far-reaching and positive effect on a young child, but Mr Judson certainly did – even if my homework stories were mostly dark, even back then.
At eighteen and with no idea of what to be when I ‘grew up’ I followed my love of words and signed up for a BA Humanities degree in London, majoring in English Literature and History, although at that time it never crossed my mind that I could be a published writer.

After finishing my degree, I worked as a waitress at a bar on Baker Street, in the heart of central London. It was possibly one of the most fun and lucrative jobs I’ve ever had!

From there I moved to Greece where I did a variety of jobs, ranging from teaching English, working on a boat, managing a local restaurant, to coordinating transport from the airport for tourists.

I lived and worked in Spain for a while too, but with a growing interest in in medicine and fitness I decided to come home and study for a BSc in Physiotherapy. The job that followed always held a finite lifespan – because deep inside lurked a strong desire to write.

I began my writing journey with short fiction and magazine articles; my short stories are published in several anthologies. I attended writing festivals where I met other writers, and remain friends with many of them to this day.

In 2012, I cut my teeth on my first novel, an ambitious historical set in my favourite historical era – the first half of the twentieth century – and also my favourite country, Spain. This manuscript, The Spanish Girl, was to sit in my drawer for several years.

Falling Suns

In 2014 I decided to write in a genre of which I was reading more and more – psychological suspense thrillers. This manuscript became Falling Suns – a contemporary, dark, and bleak tale exploring grief, family relationships, and institutional corruption. Falling Suns published in July 2016 (Headline, Hachette).

After completing the Faber Novel Writing course in London in 2017, I also finished my new historical novel, The Walls We Build, which I independently published under my pseudonym, Jules Hayes, on the day of the first lockdown in 2020!

In March 2021, my historical novel, The Spanish Girl, was finally published with the digital imprint Orion Dash (Hachette), under my pseudonym, Jules Hayes.

More information about my historical fiction as Jules Hayes can be found on my “Historical Fiction” page.

Early in 2019 that wonderful thing that sometimes happens to an author, happened. I had a strong idea for my next psychological thriller and began writing the first draft. I hunkered down.


The Nurse

The psychological suspense thriller I’d begun writing in 2019 became titled The Nurse and is publishing on May 20th 2021 (Canelo).

I loved writing this book and loved that I was able to use my medical knowledge and experience as a physiotherapist to really shape the main character, Rose.

I’m currently working on my third psychological suspense thriller, which is due for publication in 2022.

My Writing Journey 

My journey to publication has sometimes been a rocky, mysterious and capricious road, although more often, an interesting, enlightening and surprising odyssey. I love to tell stories and I love to write and I would have loved for Mr Judson to read my books, and also to be able to say thank you to him for what he gave to me.

As well as writing, I like running, good food and wine, but not necessarily in that order! I also love foreign countries and hot climates, and with a dollop of culture thrown in, I really am in heaven. I hope you enjoy, or have enjoyed my books. If you have, please do get in touch, and/or leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon – these are so important for authors.  Please do consider signing up to my newsletter on this website too, which will keep you up to date with new releases and any other news I have that you might find interesting!

Stay well and healthy, and thank you so much for visiting.